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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Our Managed Cybersecurity Services not only comprises a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response capability for traditional Windows, Linux and Mac environments, but also importantly covers monitoring and threat protection for cloud applications (SaaS), infrastructure (IaaS), workloads and mobile devices (iOS, Android & ChromeOS).  

We assist organisations gain comprehensive visibility over their infrastructure, ensuring they’re protected from the latest threats and compliant with regulatory frameworks and standards.

Cybersecurity Monitoring 24/7

As an established Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), First Response has extensive security expertise and pragmatic knowledge about how to best support your requirements. We can help provide vendor agnostic advice with investment in new security technologies, through to providing a fully managed (or co-managed) outsource and monitoring of your systems.

First Response’s team of incident responders has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex security incidents, from complex ransomware through to sophisticated corporate espionage. Cybersecurity incidents have always been difficult to deal with, but the last year has seen threat actors moving to a much more commercial model – where targets are carefully researched by experienced threat actors to ensure a high likelihood of attack success and ransom payment. Attacks can cause significant operational disruption and downtime, with core business systems often being taken offline completely.

The NCSC has seen an increase in the scale and impact of ransomware attacks and a new and growing trend to be more targeted and more aggressive than ever before.”



as many ransomware incidents than last year


UK government themed phishing campaigns in 2021

“In total, 700,595 campaigns (1,448,214 URLs) were taken down in 2020: a massive fifteen-fold increase in campaign takedowns on the figure for 2019 (45,603 campaigns and 192,256 URLs).”


Benefits of Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity Outsourcing can help:

  • Reduce response times to minutes instead of hours
  • Accelerate cybersecurity maturity
  • Protect new and legacy systems from advanced threats
  • Reduce staffing and training costs
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring and out-of-hours coverage
  • Adherence to regulatory frameworks and standards

Our Services

First Response Secure Cloud

  • Simplifies security governance on public cloud apps, infrastructure & workloads
  • Integrates with productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Delivers extensive data discovery capabilities across multi-cloud deployments
  • Detects insider threats with User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)
  • Manages security posture and misconfigurations of cloud apps, infrastructure & workloads
  • Provides breach detection & incident response

First Response Secure Endpoint

  • Advanced detection capabilities based on up-to-the minute threat intelligence
  • Deception, incident response and automated response technologies
  • Pro-active threat hunting
  • Monitoring and investigation
  • Provides full incident remediation & response
  • Quickly determine if your organisation is under threat
  • Better understand your existing level of risk
  • Reduce detection and response times

First Response Secure Mobile

  • Cloud-delivered mobile security
  • Protection of iOS, Android, and Chrome OS
  • Endpoint detection and response built by experienced threat researchers
  • Optimised lightweight app to enhance processor performance and battery life
  • Secures company-owned and employee-owned devices
  • Meet compliance requirements while fully preserving user privacy
  • Frictionless deployment which scales to mobile fleets of hundreds of thousands

Why choose First Response?

  • Decades of deep technical experience and investigative skill

  • Technical specialists comprised of respected security and investigative professionals

  • Long history of helping organisations and individuals through cyber security incidents

  • Low-maintenance and light-touch deployments

  • Customer-focused

  • Extensive experience working with military, law enforcement, and public & private sector organisations

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