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Bill Lindley CITP MBCS MAE (Chairman & Managing Director)

Bill Lindley is a Chartered Information Technology Professional who has been involved in commercial computing since 1975 and the investigation of computer disputes since 1979.

As well as a wealth of experience in the application of computers in commercial organisations, he has an NCC Certificate in Systems Analysis, is a Chartered Information Technology Practitioner (2004), a Member of the Academy of Experts, and a member of F3 (First Forensic Forum).

He has acted as an expert witness in many cases, both civil and criminal.

Bill has accumulated considerable experience working as a Director of a number of companies in various industries in the UK.

John Douglas MSc NCE MBCS (Technical Director)

John Douglas specialises in Incident Response involving server and systems breaches resulting in data theft. He holds a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science in the field of Forensic Computing.

John brings over 20 years of computer experience and programming skills to the cases he works on.  His ability to reverse engineer malicious code used to compromise computer networks to determine what intellectual property has been ex-filtrated, who is responsible and how exactly they got in has been central to several cases involving computer misuse and ‘hacking’.

John has been a computer forensic specialist since 2003, working on both civil and criminal investigations (prosecution and defence) in cases including indecent photographs of children, fraud, abuse of privilege, murder and people trafficking amongst many others.

John has extensive experience as an expert witness including appointment by the CPS as an independent expert to arbitrate between two experts where contamination of exhibits had occurred and has presented evidence to court on many occasions. In 2007 John was awarded a Metropolitan Police Commander’s Commendation for his cutting edge forensic work.

He has presented the findings of his technical research at the UK F3 Computer Forensic annual conference and has given lectures to the Metropolitan Police on specialist forensic data recovery techniques. John is an excellent communicator and public speaker, regularly giving talks to the legal and business communities on raising awareness of the nature of digital forensic evidence.

Andrea Bradley (Director of Training)

Andrea left Greater Manchester Police in 2004, after 13 years exemplary police service, the latter 5 years as a Detective investigating internet child abuse in the pioneering Abusive Images Unit, the forerunner to CEOP.

During that time Andrea trained as a forensic examiner of computers and undertook training at the Royal Military College of Science and attended various EnCase Expert courses and has specialist knowledge of child abuse images as used by offenders and in law enforcement operations to trace child victims.

In 2002 Andrea was jointly awarded the ‘International Long Arm of the Law Award’ from the Society for Policing Cyberspace, Vancouver.

Andrea has conducted over 600 investigations involving computer based evidence and is an experienced expert witness.
In 2004 she founded Zentek Forensics Limited, supplying forensic digital investigation services mainly to law enforcement. Zentek was awarded Bolton and Bury SME of the Year Award 2009 and Andrea was runner up in NWDA Women in Business Awards – Business of the Year 2010.

As Managing Director of Zentek, Andrea runs a highly skilled team of forensic experts who undertake investigations on behalf of the largest Police Forces in the UK.

In 2012 Andrea was elected to the position of Chairman for EPIC (Integrity Assured) Limited, which is a membership organisation providing business support to Ex Police in Industry and Commerce. She has a wealth of knowledge in Cybercrime investigations, has presented training courses nationally and is regularly asked to provide opinion on Internet child protection issues by ITV News.

Roddy McDougall (Non-Executive Director)

Roddy McDougall has been a director of smaller listed and private UK companies in the financial, commercial and manufacturing sectors over the last 40 years.

His role as a Non-Executive Director has always been an active one, often involving taking a share stake in the company concerned.

Roddy brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of business activities.

He is currently an NED of a small private group of engineering businesses.

Sam McIntosh (Operations Manager)

Samantha McIntosh is our Operations Manager and has been involved in the project management and the commercial aspects of over 200 digital forensics cases over the last six  years. With a wealth of experience in forensic investigations in both criminal and civil matters, Sam is your first point of contact at First Response.

Sam is always available to assist and give advice about your requirements. She can offer immediate suggestions to minimise potential business and reputational loss and any disruption in the event of a cybercrime incident or internal issue.

If the matter is of a criminal defence nature and advice and quotes are required for legal aid purposes, Sam will thoroughly review the prosecution reports and advise on the most suitable investigative approach.

Similarly, Sam has been involved in the management of many high profile civil litigation matters and is able to provide assistance on data collection, processing and subsequent electronic disclosure.

Sam will ensure that the most suitable and experienced specialist is appointed to your needs, thus ensuring that your matter is dealt with swiftly and capably.


We provide a range of data investigation services to clients, specialising in digital forensics, server breach investigation, incident response and malware reverse engineering.

Our security-vetted team have extensive operational experience gained within specialist Government departments, military units and commercial organisations, so their professional credentials, integrity and discretion are assured.

Due to their background and the often covert nature of the work our associates undertake, most prefer not to be listed on the public internet.

Jon Blake (Specialist Trainer)

Jon Blake has over 28 years’ experience as an investigator and intelligence operative with the
Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, London.

Jon specialises in Internet and Cybercrime Investigation and Covert Policing.
He retired from the service in 2014 with an exemplary service record.

He has a unique blend of experience, having served in varied operational, policy development and training roles and he has been the driving force behind several ground-breaking national training and Continuing Professional Development programmes, many of which have been adopted internationally.

His last posting from 2011 to 2014 was at the UK College of Policing as the National Coordinator for Intelligence Skills, with responsibility for Open Source and Internet Investigation and related Intelligence Management/Operative skills development.

Jon sat on a number of Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) working groups as a Subject Matter Expert in the areas of Internet related crime and covert operations and acted as an advisor to those setting national investigative policy and procedures.

A highly sought after speaker and lecturer and passionate about his area of work, Jon has developed several training courses and specialist workshops to enhance working knowledge for those involved in on-line investigations and intelligence gathering, including those operating covertly and on the dark and deep webs.

He has delivered training and consultation services worldwide, including on behalf of the United Nations in the Middle East and supporting UK interests in the Caribbean. He is currently working on a number of projects to ensure a cohesive approach between industry and law enforcement agencies in the fight against organised cyber-enabled and cyber-dependent criminality.

Jon is an associate lecturer in Cybercrime and Criminal Justice at the Universities of Northampton and Derby in both under and post graduate studies. He is currently reading for a Master’s degree in Information Security and Digital Forensics, developing a dissertation around the forensic detection and subsequent disruption of hacking attacks.

Ray Massie CISSP (Digital Forensic Specialist)

Ray Massie has been involved in the field of computer forensics since 2004, both as a manager of digital forensic teams and as a hands on practitioner.

He finished a 34 year career of public service in October 2012. (10 years in the British Army & 24 years as a police officer). For 20 of those years he worked as a detective across a wide spectrum of criminal investigations.

Since working in the private sector he has engaged on several network and forensic investigations. He specialises in live forensics on site and investigating cybercrime with a network of trusted like-minded professionals.

Combining his years an investigator with his technical skills he has been involved as a subject matter expert in cyber-crime investigation and in training in many countries over the last few years.

Dr Nick Sharples BSc (Hons) DPhil

Nick Sharples graduated from Sussex University before obtaining a D.Phil. in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. A founding member of the Network Lab (part of the Software-Systems research group) he worked in software-development before becoming involved in computer forensics.

Nick has investigated cases involving child-protection, murder, credit-card fraud, eBay fraud, producing false documents, people trafficking, missing-persons, stolen vehicles, account takeover, phishing, hacking and drug-trafficking.  He has travelled internationally to assist in high-tech criminal investigations and to provide training to law-enforcement. He regularly appears as an expert witness in criminal trials including giving evidence at the High Court. An expert programmer, he also develops software for computer forensic investigations.

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