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IP Theft Investigations

Customer data, designs, patents and plans

Detect & Prevent IP Theft in London

When data thieves steal your hard work, customer data, designs, patents and plans, they always leave a tell-tale set of muddy footprints which clearly document their activities. However this trail is fragile and can quickly be destroyed by well intentioned IT staff tasked with having a ‘quick look’ by managers.

It’s important that if you suspect your data has been copiedaltered or deleted by those unauthorised to do so, that you speak to us promptly – securing the digital crime scene early on is critical to achieving a successful outcome.

If your suffering from counterfeit copies of your website and products, we can assist with brand protection services tailored to your specific requirements.

Case study

First Response was tasked by a home improvements company who had some evidence that a former employee was continuing to access company data servers remotely and copying sales leads and other sensitive data to provide to a competitor.

The clients lawyers visited the former employee and secured the former employees company laptop computer. Analysis of this provided ample evidence which directly correlated to the remote access server logs at the company, essentially tying together both ends of the conversation – including screen captures of sensitive sales leads present on the laptop.


Also present was a series of emails between the former employee and the competitor setting out the framework of the enterprise.

With our report, the client was able to obtain a court order requiring both the former employee and the competitor to hand over any data they had which had come from the companies computers. Both were threatened with severe sanctions for failure to comply and warned that future actions of this nature would be dealt with severely.

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