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Secure IT Infrastructure

Keeping the office secure from all but authorised personnel has always been a challenge.  The impact of failures within the physical space have become increasingly significant.

With integrated IT based infrastructures, the consequences of failure can be far greater, with not only individual assets at stake, but also entire organisations.

We are continually called into organisations being damaged by cyber-attacks that would have failed if basic, sensible defences were built into their infrastructures.  Basic defences such as anti-virus and firewalls are no longer sufficient. First Response have developed a service to effectively shield and protect clients from the relentless efforts of criminals to break in to critical data infrastructures.

The service is in stages, as follows:

·         Assess the security in place

·         Audit of the current IT infrastructure from a security perspective

·         Recommend immediate short term solutions to serious gaps

·         Design and implementation of a secure data shield.

 We use tools appropriate to the organisation’s size and complexity, sometimes extending to a complete managed detection and response shield/service.

The Importance of an Effective Cyber Incident Response Plan 2