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Whenever you have a requirement to determine exactly what happened on a particular computer, or network of computers, First Response can help.

Our computer forensic investigators routinely uncover all types of evidence, even when attempts have been made to delete or hide it. We will provide you with a solid case, producing all the relevant emails and documents and other files from your computers and servers alongside easy-to-read reports written in plain English.

Server Cybersecurity

Our processes follow the ACPO* Guidelines for dealing with Electronic Evidence, which ensures our work will withstand scrutiny at court or tribunals. Our analysts are experienced court expert witnesses and stand ready to assist you interviewing technical staff who may otherwise try to confuse non-tenchnical managers dealing with incidents.

First Response identify, secure, collect and analyse digital evidence on behalf of the legal and accountancy professions, corporate clients and public bodies, including law enforcement agencies. We provide clear guidance about keeping your information assets secure and have in-house expertise to help you prevent similar incidents from recurring.

Our Forensic Readiness Planning service will not only assist with regulatory compliance, but will help ensure that when an incident occurs in the future, you are better prepared to deal with it.

If you would like to know more about computer forensics, data investigation and how it is best employed or to see how we can help, call us on 020 7193 4905 for a no obligation discussion.

*ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers. This group produced a wonderful document which sets out the framework that analysts around the world follow when dealing with electronic evidence. You can download a copy for yourself here: Good Practice Guide for Computer based Electronic Evidence.

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