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Managed Endpoint Detection Response

Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR/MDR) service allows you to benefit from our experienced team of cybersecurity specialists, industry-leading technology, and threat intelligence.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Modern computing endpoints connect to a vast number of different systems, they host critical and confidential information as well as acting as a pivot point for attackers to delve deeper into and around your network. Because of this they constitute a significant attack surface and often pose a substantial security risk. 

Modern attacks have moved away from those detected by traditional endpoint defences like anti-virus, to more advanced techniques including social engineering user and network based attacks. Ransomware or data theft attacks now commonly employ a carefully crafted set of highly sophisticated attack techniques to evade detection – often for weeks at a time.

First Response’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service incorporates industry-leading technologies to detect common and advanced attacks aimed at your organisation. This is augmented by comprehensive threat intelligence feeds and an experienced team of threat researchers, security analysts, threat hunters and incident responders to secure your organisation from attack. 

Knowing that First Response is continuously monitoring your environment and extending the capabilities of your team provides tremendous relief in the uncertain world of cybersecurity. As a client, First Response provides you with a broad range of proactive and ad-hoc services to ensure you’re always protected and any questions or concerns you may have are addressed.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity Outsourcing can help:

Reduce response times to attacks

Our security specialists monitor our client networks 24/7 to investigate and remediate any security incidents or events, meaning you and your team don’t have to. 

Manage Advanced Threats

Up-to-date threat intelligence means we have the knowledge to detect attacks in the very earliest of stages, and the experience to know how to best deal with them.

Accelerate your security maturity

We use industry leading technologies to detect advanced attack techniques across file, network, host and user attack surfaces.  These are aligned to the industry standard MITRE ATT&CK framework. Automation and machine learning provide root-cause analysis, scope, and impact.

Proactive Vulnerability Management

Regular scanning of your IT assets for potential vulnerabilities, like missing security patches, poorly configured systems, and potentially dangerous unauthorised software helps to reduce your exposure to compromise.

24×7 Monitoring, Analysis and Proactive Outreach

The First Response team, continuously monitors your environment – every hour of every day throughout the year. The team manages events, alerts, and incidents. The team also provides alert analysis and correlation to other alerted events.

The team will proactively contact you when certain alerts or events are detected along with details on the actions that have been taken. This type of outreach falls into three general categories each requiring different response actions.

Cyber Radar - First Response - Managed Endpoint Detection Response

Real-time Cyber Defence

24/7 threat monitoring from our security operations centre.

Investigation & Response - First Response - Managed Endpoint Detection Response

Investigation & Response

Conducted and coordinated by our in-house team.

Incident Containment - First Response - Managed Endpoint Detection Response

Incident Triage & Containment

Pre-authorised containment and remediation.

Threat Intell - First Response - Managed Endpoint Detection Response

Threat Intelligence

Integrations with global threat intelligence feeds.

Why choose First Response?

  • Decades of deep technical experience and investigative skill

  • Technical specialists comprised of respected security and investigative professionals

  • Long history of helping organisations and individuals through cyber security incidents

  • Low-maintenance and light-touch deployments

  • Customer-focused

  • Extensive experience working with military, law enforcement, and public & private sector organisations

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