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Whether you’re using a cloud-hosted infrastructure or applications it’s essential that your organisations critical assets are protected. First Response can help with our Cloud Security Management and Monitoring Service.

Cloud Security Management and Monitoring 

The use of the cloud has been increasing over the last decade with organisations rapidly adopting cloud applications (SaaS) infrastructure (IaaS), and more recently cloud-based workloads. With critical information, assets and infrastructure being placed into the cloud it is vital that organisations understand their risk profile and have appropriate controls in place to protect and monitor their environments. 

Whether you require monitoring for containers or full managed security for your Microsoft 365 environment, First Response can provide management and monitoring for your cloud deployments, including Microsoft 365, Google G-suite, Salesforce, Box, AWS, and Azure. 


Cloud Security Management and Monitoring can help:

Swiftly respond to attacks

Comprehensive 24/7 monitoring of your cloud infrastructure allowing swift investigation and remediation of security-oriented incidents and events.

Detect threats with User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

With continuous monitoring of user and entity behavior analytics we can detect and respond to insider threats and advanced cyberattacks, in real-time.

Real-time threat & misconfiguration detection

Dynamically control access in response to threats and misconfigurations of cloud assets.

Simplify security governance across cloud & private apps

Accelerate your compliance and reporting on shadow IT, cloud configurations, assets, data and users.



  • Decades of deep technical experience and investigative skill
  • Technical specialists comprised of respected security and investigative professionals
  • Long history of helping organisations and individuals through cyber security incidents
  • Low-maintenance and light-touch deployments
  • Customer-focused
  • Extensive experience working with military, law enforcement, and public & private sector organisations
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