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First Response is a specialist cybersecurity firm that draws on in-house skills in digital forensics, cyber incident response and information security to solve complex digital infrastructure problems. These can result from a range of issues, like poor implementations through to aggravated external attacks and insider threats.

Ever evolving threat landscape

The threats present in the cybersecurity arena are constantly evolving, meaning the measures you have in place today may be insufficient tomorrow. Good cybersecurity is more than just tools and expensive boxes in the server room – it’s understanding how to implement these in an integrated fashion to provide defence in depth.

Sophisticated threat actors

Threat actors that would compromise your systems are not usually elite hackers that have targeted your systems – very often the threat comes from your own staff, either from well intentioned but flawed actions or disaffected staff operating with malicious intent. The level of sophistication of modern IT systems results in a larger attack surface and an increased level of complexity when configuring and securing them. Todays threat actors need only one
small vulnerability to prise open the door to your sensitive data and potentially inflict catastrophic impacts to your business. To counter this threat, you need expert advice from specialists in the field who deal with these threats on a daily basis.


Stringent regulatory requirements

Improved data privacy laws, like the Data Protection Act and the GDPR have raised the bar around how organisations can store and use personal data. In step with this, they have also significantly raised the level of regulatory penalties for non-compliance. This has been helpful as a driver for companies to take data security more seriously, but often we see organisations treat data security as a destination, rather than as the journey it really is.

Detailed specialist knowledge

At First Response, we have a long history of dealing with cyber incident response, digital investigations and information security. These three topics cover what we refer to as cybersecurity – the holistic overview of data security in the enterprise. Whatever assistance you may require around securing your data, investigating a breach or establishing an incident response strategy – we can help.

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