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Image & Video Forensics

Given the ubiquitous nature of CCTV systems and mobile phones within our society, many cases are likely to involve video or image evidence. 
Our forensic imaging specialists can ensure that the full potential of the evidence is reached, which often provides a compelling narrative of events in a wide variety of cases.

We provide a number of services around image and video forensics, including but not limited to:

  • CCTV enhancement

  • Facial comparisons

  • Motion tracking & labelling

  • Object analysis

  • Detection of manipulations within video and image exhibits

  • Redactions

  • Sequence charts.

As each case can vary enormously, we always review material before providing a quote to ensure accuracy in pricing and expectations.

Looking through a lens down a dark street.
Audio Forensics

Audio Forensics

As mobile phones have come to dominate our lives, so has the amount of evidential material from phone calls and voice recordings. 
Sometimes that all important piece of information could be masked by noise, or with the rise in audio editing software availability, the modification of a recording for nefarious purposes.

Our forensic audio specialists are trained and experienced in the provision of:

  • Audio enhancement

  • Detection of manipulations with audio exhibits

  • Conversion from cassette tape to a digital medium

  • Transcription of recordings

  • Preparation of audio evidence for court

Quotes are provided on a case by case basis due to the large variation between audio recordings.

All of our image and audio forensic specialists are expert witness trained and are experienced with giving oral evidence at Court.

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