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London Practitioners Use First Response For Insolvency Investigation Services

First Response has carried out a number of investigations for insolvency practitioners – our ability to quickly organise often undocumented and non-administered network systems for emailaccounting dataspreadsheets and other documents has been pivotal in allowing investigators to quickly focus on the decisions of Directors and senior management which led to the companies collapse. The strength of the court-ready evidence we produce allows insolvency administrators the option to pursue legal remedies, hold Directors to account and provide more successful outcomes for creditors.

Case study

In the aftermath of a financial company collapse, First Response was instructed by the administrator, a large insolvency practice in central London, to examine the failed companies IT systems with a view to recovering the data held on their network servers, with a particular focus on accounting information and email conversations between the Directors.

On arrival at the site, all computer equipment was switched off, no staff were in attendance and the office had been stripped of all furniture. There was no documentation present and the complex structure of servers and data storage cabinets in the server room had to be determined by examining each of the powered off systems one-by-one.


Our investigations determined that attempts had been made to delete large portions of the data by the out-going network team. Despite these setbacks, we were able to rebuild all of the data arrays and recovered 100% of the data, even the deleted material.

We successfully recovered the banks accounting systems, email repository and all of the personal profiles of the Directors and senior management. This enabled our administrator client to prove a complex fraudhad occurred and to take legal action against the Directors concerned, who have since fled the country.

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