With the General Data Protection Regulation now in force, First Response have posted this GDPR Statement in order to provide our clients and future clients transparency on how we collect, store and delete the data our company holds.


First Response will collect information under 3 separate processing topics. Direct contact, Opt-in & Accounting.


The processing topic of direct contact is relevant when a client, prospective client or supplier contacts First Response in the employment or hopeful employment of services. This information can be collected either over the phone, via our websites contact form or through face to face contact (networking, trade shows or client meetings).  This information will always be relevant to the query at hand and will not be used for promotional or marketing (Opt-in) purposes unless permission has been explicitly granted by the owner of this information.


The processing topic of Opt-in covers any information gathered for the purpose of promotion & marketing. First Response may collect this information by various means including newsletter opt-in’s on our website, competition entries and contact cards at a trade show or conference. In accordance with the GDPR, the information gathered in this format will be lawfully acquired through the use of opt-in checkboxes on forms and competitions on both the website and contact cards.


The processing topic of Accounting covers information acquired in the course of any financial transaction. This will include details provided by the client and also provided by public domain sources, such as Companies House. The kind of information you can expect to be stored would be the name, address, telephone number, company number and VAT number of an organisation and also the name and email address of the main contact at this organisation. This information applies to both clients, suppliers and associates.


First Response will store information in multiple ways depending on the processing topic.


With direct contact information being acquired in various ways, we follow defined processes in storage of this information. Direct contact information acquired via email will be stored by our email service provider. Direct contact information acquired via a phone call can be stored by either the use of a personal diary, notepad or our cloud based accounting’s estimate system. Our email provider Google Mail stores this information on their secured servers and the data is encrypted both on the server and during transfer to and from the server.


Opt-in information is stored in a master database on our cloud based accounting system and can be distributed to multiple third party locations depending on our marketing requirements. Before using a third party service for marketing we will first check to see if both the storage on this service and transmission to this service is both safe and encrypted.