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Phishing Spotlight Research Report

With the continued use of mobile devices for both personal and business use, the entire world is looking at mobile accessibility as the vehicle to higher connectivity and better productivity. This is driving changes within the mobile security landscape, especially as malicious actors adapt their techniques and tactics. From their perspective, mobile phishing is often the cheapest way to compromise an individual or an organisation.

Across all geographies and industries, there is a steady increase in the rate of both consumer and corporate users encountering mobile phishing attacks. The financial risk of falling victim to a phishing attack can be devastating to an organisation. For a large multinational company, they could be looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in losses from a successful phishing attack. Even for smaller organizations, like a local law or accountancy firm, the risk still falls in the tens of thousands of pounds.

Mobile device security, mobile device attacks and mobile phishing are problems that can no longer be ignored, no matter what part of the world or industry an organization operates in.

Alongside our Managed Security Services for Endpoint and Cloud, First Response also provide Managed Security Services for Mobile devices, including iOS, Android and ChromeOS, detail of this service is available here. This service is delivered using the Lookout Mobile Device Security solution.

Mobile device risk is increasing, with the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2020 report showing that despite the risk, 43% of organizations are still cutting corners on security, even with 39% suffering from a security compromise.

Understanding current phishing trends is essential to effectively protect your mobile and remote workers. Lookout are one of the leading cybersecurity vendors for mobile device security and have recently published The State of Mobile Phishing research report.

This report helps answer:

  • The origins of phishing
  • What is mobile phishing?
  • How is mobile phishing successful?
  • What’s the potential financial risk of phishing?
  • Real world mobile phishing attack examples
  • How to detect and protect against mobile phishing?

Download the report here: Phishing Spotlight Research Report

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