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Nuix & First Response analyse 3TB of data in recent Misconduct Probe

First Response and Nuix were recently instructed by a multinational development company to analyse 3terabytes of data, from disparate sources within the company for a high-profile misconduct probe.

Working together, we were able to locate critical data within hours of the investigation starting which saved the company weeks of analysis had this been carried out internally using existing procedures and software. Helping to find the critical information the company needed to respond properly to the allegations.

You can read more about this high-profile case by clicking the graphic below:


Nuix & First Response Misconduct Probe


Electronic evidence plays a critical role in corporate crime investigation. The proper handling of digital evidence is often the key factor in detecting and halting fraud, recovering losses and assisting legal remedies.

First Response are specialists in provision of digital and computer forensic services, including the preservation of data from computers, mobile devices, servers and corporate networks.

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