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First Response is a digital forensics and incident response company offering tailored services from the acquisition, analysis and presentation of electronic data involved in computer and IT investigations and litigation support, to more specialist areas such as incident response, malware reverse engineering and forensic readiness planning.
IP Theft

Digital forensic analysis of computers, laptops & servers can reveal emails, documents and spreadsheets that are often key to investigating theft of intellectual property including copyright, trademarks, patents and trade secrets….

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Fraud Investigation

Fraud almost always leaves a digital forensic trail, with clear evidence left on PCs, laptops, servers and mobile phones. Forensic analysis of these devices helps organisations build a strong case against those…

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HR & Employment Disputes

Incidents of workplace harassment or email policy breaches will often benefit from careful analysis of computers, mobile phones and company servers to reveal what was done, when and by whom – whether…

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Insolvency Investigation

We provide a cost effective and court admissible solution for searching through tens of thousands of emails, spreadsheets, databases and documents, helping shed light on what was happening at a company during…

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Capabilities and Services

  • Incident Response
  • Forensic Acquisition and Analysis of Data
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Interview Support
  • Brand Protection & website take-down
  • Data Recovery
  • Malware Reverse Engineering
  • Forensic Readiness Planning
  • First Responder Training
  • Covert On-Site Analysis & Investigation

Computer Forensics London

Computer forensics is the process of analysing the data stored on computers and other electronic devices to discover precisely what has been going on. Whether that involves deleted email, copying of sensitive information or accessing inappropriate material, modern devices record a staggering amount of data, which when examined correctly by a suitably trained computer forensic analyst can provide a compelling narrative in support of an investigation or litigation.


Increasingly, computer forensics is used to determine who is responsible for data network intrustions and intellectual property theft. This may include analysis of malicious code and examination of various network devices to discover the identity of the attacker and what data has been exfiltrated. The output of the computer forensic process is a technical report, which should set out in clear plain English exactly what has occurred and be presented in a format that will be admissible as evidence in court should legal remedies be sought.



Digital Forensics Company

First Response encompasses the digital forensic activities of Business Efficiency (founded in 1986 by Bill Lindley) Fleet Forensics (founded in 2008 by Ray Massie) and LangfordParc (founded in 2011 by John Douglas). We carry out both covert and non-covert operations for a wide variety of clients including banks, law firms, energy companies and public sector bodies. Client affairs are treated with strict confidence and as such we don’t publish past client lists, but if you need to discuss our capabilities and costs, we are happy to speak with you on 020 7193 4905. Call us today.


Our computer forensic company is based in London. We are well placed to deal with clients both in the UK and abroad through our carefully selected associates who include some of the most experienced and best regarded analysts in UK digital forensics investigations.


We’re completely client-focused and able to react to client requirements at very short notice. No organisation can guarantee to find the data you are looking for but if it exists, First Response will find it. Our computer investigators all have at least seven years of computer forensic experience and follow the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Guidelines for dealing with electronic evidence in identifying, collecting, preserving and analysing digitally stored data, ensuring that our clients are armed with the highest quality, admissible evidence. We are proud to list our principals and key associates.